Our Process

Impeccable Hotels, Exemplary Employees,
Unforgettable Experiences

SINA Hospitality has earned a strong track record of on-time and on-budget developments and renovations for world-class hotel brands due to our wealth of industry knowledge and extensive experience.

Our emphasis on long-term growth, day-to-day operational excellence, and clear and consistent communication has guided SINA Hospitality’s expansion to over 2600 guest rooms in 31 premium-branded hotels across the Southeast. 

At the end of the day, numbers aren’t the most important element to us. With over 25 years of industry experience, we’ve learned that the simplicity of our process is what makes it so strong: 

  • We never rely on investors.
  • We never back out of a hotel agreement.
  • We never abandon a construction project.
  • We don’t walk away after construction.
  • We create strong relationships within the communities we serve.
  • We only hire and retain the highest quality employees.

SINA Hospitality Executives are directly involved and personally experience each development market before approving any market research. None of it is outsourced.

The SINA Hospitality Executive Team works directly with all vendors & partners. We increase efficiency by always having a decision-maker at the table.

SINA Hospitality chooses to invest capital back into the hotels that we develop. Our hotels continue to deliver the best experience and attract repeat customers.

SINA Hospitality Executives have direct involvement with management hiring at each location. We are involved in the interviews to make sure the right people are hired.

Ultimately our process allows us to deliver Impeccable Hotels, Exemplary Employees, and Unforgettable Experiences every day and with every single project.

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